Alma Sibley Wildlife Foundation – non-profit organization – founder, Alma Sibley

‘Alma Sibley Wildlife Foundation’

This is a non-profit organization founded by Alma Sibley, in 2015, in honor of her father, Alfred Sibley. The purpose of this foundation is to raise money for disaster relief for wildlife and their lands.  

“The untamed story of a woman, her feelings and love for wildlife, basked in the beauty of the wilderness, where she was born.”  


This picture was taken in St. Cyr Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. The girls are Irene Olson, her sister, Judy Olson and on the right side is Alma Sibley.

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Canada Loves You With Pride

This song, Canada Loves You With Pride written by Alma Sibley has been donated to ‘Alma Sibley Wildlife Foundation’. It was recorded by Legendary Producer, Doc Holiday, Nashville, TN in 2014. This song can be purchased on here at, MY MUSIC, CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other Internet Sites Worldwide. Other memorabilia will be available soon. 

Buy this song to support the Alma Sibley Wildlife Foundation: